Fix Your CD Player or Playstation

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Is your CD Player or Playstation performing very slowly, with certain discs or with all discs? If so, oftentime, this can be fixed without buying a new CD Player or Playstation.

If the problem only occurs with a disc, you can either use a Commercial CD Cleaner, or clean the Disc yourself with soap and water, and then dry it with your T-Shirt, as long as you don't scratch the bottom of the CD, this should work well.

If all discs are not working properly, either buy a commercial optical lens cleaner, or touch the lens with a napkin or cloth or something like that. It says never to touch the lens/ne jamias toucher la lentille, but if your player isn't reading anything, touching the lens can fix the problem.

If this solves your problem, I'm very glad to have helped. If it didn't help, I suck. Please e-mail me either way.

This page was written by iZmo
Created 7/31/00
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