Avalanche - final fantasy seven

Quite possibly the best game ever FF7 was released 9.7.97.

Final Fantasy is available on Playstation (buy it!) and PC (buy it).

Music -

this is my archive of about 50 ff7 midi files.

Here's a zip I found of 94 FF7 midi files!
It includes just about every song in the game.

Note: Please be patient, the server is slow.

Reviews -

Review by iZmo

Final Fantasy VII is really the first RPG i've gotten into. It shall always be a favorite of mine, it is in my opinion one of the best games ever made. The story is great. The music is wonderful. And the gameplay and graphics are perfect. If you have yet to play this masterpiece, please do so by any means possible or impossible. 100%

Review from IGN.com


Kao Megura's FFVII FAQ
Note: This is a zip file which requires a archiver like WinZip.

Gameshark Final Fantasy VII Debug Room!!!!
Here's how to do it
Slap in the GameShark.
Enter the GameShark code, and when the game loads, select a new (not saved) game.
Now, deactivate the GameShark,
and then walk onto one the white lines at the top of bottom of the screen.
Players also can then enter any one of the 10 "rooms" by stepping onto the Kenji characters.

Here's the Code
The debug GameShark code is: 8009A05C 0041

Here is an faq on using this code.

Links -

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the ff7 hq

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