Avalanche - final fantasy movie

Info -

According to imdb.com
the release date is June 18, 2001.

The Cast -

Alec Baldwin (Hunt For Red October, Beetlejuice)
Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible, Con Air, Entrapment)
Ming-Na Wen (Mulan, Street Fighter: The Movie)
James Woods (Contact, Hercules, Ghosts of Mississippi)
Donald Sutherland (Six Degrees of Separation, Instinct, M*A*S*H)
Steve Buscemi (Armageddon, Fargo)
Peri Gilpen (Frasier)

Official Site -

The Final Fantasy Movie Official Site has opened,

Screenshots -

Here are some screen shots from the upcoming Final Fantasy Movie, which should hit theatres in the year 2001. These look like photos but are really computer graphics.