quite like this

i'm on the phone
what do i see
a liquid picture's crooked transparency
then it just drains away and swirls inside of me

thought it was set
thought it was right
when i was still lost i felt higher than a kite
but now that i can close my eyes
i can hardly sleep through the night

so far to go
no one to go with
never believed that everything would have a twist
and when the t.v.'s on i'm longing for its kiss
i never knew that i would be feeling quite like this

work in this universe

i'll clean up this mess.
you need time to dress.
i know that i know that i do it all of the time.
so sincere when i say that i don't mind

my friend,
'cause i'll come out ahead in the end.
if the universe truly is balanced,
i'll come out ahead in the end.

got us in a mess
and you want us to rest.
maybe we should or maybe we shouldn't and i can just hope that it's fine
when my love turns cells into bodies.
won't settle for less and i figure that
we have some time

my friend,
and we'll come out ahead in the end.
if the universe truly is balanced
then we'll come out ahead in the end.

if my visions of heaven can pull you
and if my visions can pull me
then god will let me embrace you
don't only stand i will
if i can.

i know these visions of heaven can pull me
i know these visions can pull you
just don't stand still but also embrace me
you better believe that i can
and i will.

drugged it 'til it dropped.
gave more than a lot.
maybe i should've just fallen asleep but
it still could've went either way.
don't know if i think i should listen to you.
i guess i could try it in hopes that i feel you say

my friend,
we're gonna come out ahead in the end.
since the universe truly is balanced,
we're gonna come out ahead in the end.


a bulldozer that works
brings a monster that lurks
and i couldn't even tell
which fingers were hers
and which fingers were mine

a santa that kills
brings presents to his elves
and i couldn't understand
why she had lost her breath
i guess it was my lips
which skimmed across her shoulder blade

a shell that's been shined
brings indians to mind
and we must have been so close
'cause we couldn't figure out
whose stomach had growled

and she is just a plaything of the angels
she does everything with grace
no need to even whisper how delectable her wings are
she'll just fly across your glowing face
and let them span across your inner space

peers into your eyes and sees reflections of a four-leaf clover
and if you catch her, your luckless days have supposedly passed
the angels scheme inside her heart
so now her soul's rotation and her mind's creating
so maybe you should just leave her growing in the grass.

slide your fingers across the leaves
until the sun sets in the east
but maybe something this beautiful should just be left growing in the grass...


when he looks he thinks he sees
flawless skin although it bleeds
he listens and he wants to hear
the same thing that he sees
when he breathes he thinks he smells
their clock burning but it's just his yearning lungs
he thinks he knows how it should feel

used to look up at the stars
they seemed so close but now they seem so far
used to see that each one shined
now he knows they're there but can't see where they are
every bird locked in that cage
is every bird he's not allowed to free
the door won't open here
'cause senselessness is holding back the key
and it won't give it back to me

and i can't gear and i can't see
anything outside of my body
anything, anything outside***

many times he stays awake
when he should be having dreams
many times he feels himself
feeling it's not what it seems
wants to be sure it's all gold
holds on to the thought it's not rusting
while senselessness just drowns him in the stream
and it won't give itself to me
now he doesn't know what to do
guess he won't do anything
don't understand this doubting blue
maybe he just lives in green
the more his senses keep him here
the more he pushes away infinity
reaches out and holds it there
so senselessness won't get the best of me
and it won't ever leave me be

parallel to gravity

overhead projections of overhead projectors
fluids flip directions in reflective drips of nectar
hidden hills of whole vibrations swirl the smog around
so moonbeams can shine brighter and shapes of water can be found

patient resurrections free the bubbles trapped in shells
freezing at the surface so that time's a worthless drill
breathing droplets come thru gentle window panes
abysses seem more shallow the harder it rains

and i can feel it filling this
cavity of willingness
ever parallel to gravity ***
water is what all that's here
wants to be, and all that fear
surely will be purely washed to sea

drinkin' so in sync and from three million swelling waves
curious submergence during sunrise finds the days
slowly focused fixtures pictures safely in my hand
one drop of rain for each grain of sand

(water means everything to me)


i don't have a microwave.
it's just like i live in a cave.
a microwave is what i ain't got.
i just use an oven to get my food hot. and

you have things that i don't have.
you can make fun and you can laugh.
have the newest stuff - it's the new style,
i guess i'll just have to catch up with y'all in a little while. ***

they say that technology's gone far.
but i don't eve have a damn vcr.
i don't watch movies on my tv.
whatever comes on is what i see. and


i don't have a cd component.
it's just like i live in a tent.
they say tapes do not compare.
they sound good enough so i don't care.

you're not the only one
who wants all that's under the sun.
with the massive money i'll have,

i'll own all you motherfuckers...

and i'll just sit back and laugh
at all the motherfucking things that you don't have.
talking shit and not doing what you want - what you got to.
you'll never ever even in a million years have even one third of the shit i do.

pretty light destruction

when the sun sinks slowly
into the deepest blue skyline
the evening's sunlight fingers linger
in the light left behind

shadows' fingers creeping
as my room is but barely sold
to the darkest midnight shades
intertwined blindfold

stars ablaze in the heavens
are the evening's eyes
they witness light disintegrate
behind the darkened skies

pretty light destruction waits
for the next sunrise

worms to dogs

the cats won't move outside today
the mice now know which rods to say
the dogs decide to sleep this time
so i look to the birds to find
a song that locks the dogs away.

i lift my eyes - what do i see
my cat was way up in a tree
whispering love songs to a bird
which thru my window she must have overheard
seeming stranger than all the...

dogs who understand the birds
who understand the cats who understand
the worms who understand.

...people outside seeming slow
worms pop up and spell 'hello'
time enough to smile and stare
smiling 'cause the birds were there
they were watching flowers grow

dogs who understand and grow birds
who understand and grow cats who
understand and grow worms who
understand and grow.

baby rain swam to my hand
i lost control and could not stand
i kept on smiling lying flat
the birds kept singing to my cat
love sounded so clear this time... now i think i understand.

trust flushed with colors

rainbows bend with pain,
when the sun slides thru the rain.

coal-colored turtles pull out to absorb,
once the ocean hesitates from withdrawing from the shore.

if it could do just that,
everything would be flushed in only white black.


flecks in sunlight dance.
sparks to birds enhance.
pull from you like ribbons
in the rain.
angel's wings in holding bare
for you a path of bow
for their eyes can take no brilliance
such as thou.

incandescent candle flicker
brings about the richest dream;
adorned around your neck or finger
solidified majestic beam.
i've seen -
no love or light so brightly next to you;
and nothing has this heart so much
in view.

behold of you by chance,
to claim this soul enhance.
in lurid high
i speak to you,
and hold your hair like silver (too).