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you can listen to some of my music at www.mp3.com/silentype

future post 8/27/2013 i would like to apologize for nothing working
but if you can forgive me please check out my band think quick:
think quick is my band
think quick is on facebook
think quick is on tumblr
think quick is on spotify
think quick is on bandcamp
think quick is on twitter
think quick is on soundcloud think quick is on neocities think quick is on wordpress think quick used to be on wikipedia from 2011 until july 2015 please comment

also i noticed the beck tabs on the tabs page were dead links so i fixed it

fake update, hi

i added some movie recommendations...
i have implemented a new counter to replace the highly inaccurate fastcounter
hopefully its results will be satisfactory
i will also be putting a counter on this individual page
does anyone even see it?
if you want more updates,
you can e-mail meand tell me someone will actually see the updates.

no, i'm not dead
i've been too lazy to update at all
look at this mess!
hopefully i'll update someday
i want to welcome everybody to the neo-eighties
happy 1980!
[we are not Y2K compliant]

for the coming of the year 2000, i uploaded a work i composed for english last may [y2k.htm]

added my homemade pokémon movie review to the pokémon section

added new pumpkins album release date to the smashing pumpkins page

the beck page was updated with the tracklisting of the upcoming album

i added a matrix site

information has been added to news

MAJOR update on the guitar tabs page

the midi page now has a improved interface

added information on playstation 2 to the news

i put a link to a new pokemon trailer on my pokemon page

the final fantasy eight page has been updated

i updated the cds page
if you spot the updates you win the mystery prize

i uploaded the vqf page.

the links page has been given a nicer interface

added info on "gameboy advance" to news

the hits have surpassed the number four thousand(4000)

winamp version 2.5c is out,
get it from Winamp.com

i added an ads frame

also, if you hadn't noticed the downloads page has been updated.

i added a help feature to the menu
help is enabled by default but by pressing off you can disable it

If you have trouble remembering my url
now all you have to remember is http://go.to/avalanche

if your checking out this site and everything sucks
tell me what to add

Notice: this site is now and ever shall be work in progress.

FunFact #1342 - From now one to learn what the background music is you have to e-mail me and or sign the guestbook. =Ţ

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