Avalanche - The Matrix

Introduction -

The Matrix is probably my favorite movie. It has a great story, and great special effects among other things. And, two sequels are in the making.

The story so far is about Artificial Intelligence machines dominent in the world sometime in what is probably the late 22nd century. The Matrix is a computer program that simulates life in the 20th century. The machines hook up all human beings to The Matrix and they use their biological energy as power for them. The Matrix was created to occupy their minds while all their energy was drained.

If you haven't seen The Matrix, I strongy urge you to see it in anyway possible. However, I deny any respnsibility on how you should choose to view it.

Buy it! -

The Matrix is availible on DVD and will be released on Video[12/7/99].

DVD from Amazon.com

Academy Awards -

The Matrix has one four Academy Awards, second only to American Beauty (with five)
The Matrix one for:
Special Effects
Film Editing
Sound Editing

Anime Prequel -

There are plans for an Anime Matrix prequel.
Possible options for release are internet and DVD.

Video Game -

There is a plan for a video game based on The Matrix and the to-be-sequels. It should be release in 2002 along with the new movies. Among the candidates to produce it are Konami[Metal Gear Solid] and Shiny[Earthworm Jim]. Script Book -

They're making a Matrix script book. It'll have the script, storyboards, artwork, etc. It's supposed to be about 500 pages.

Trilogy -

The Matrix is going to have 2 sequels. The supposed to start a 250-day production in Fall, 2000. The films should be released by 2002, with a couple months between releases.

The Script -

Here I have a draft of the script from April, 1996.
If you read it is seems they thought the movie would come out in 1997.
However it was released March 31, 1999.

April 8, 1996 Draft [text format]

April 8, 1996 Draft [pdf format]

Thanks cYK [website], for submiting the pdf version.
Notice: The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat

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