Avalanche - playstation
Playstations are now available for $99.
I suggest anyone who likes game buy one.

I recommend:

Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 7
Metal Gear Solid
Tomb Raider I/II
and Tenchu.

There is a sequel to Chrono Trigger called Chrono Cross coming out soon.
It should be good. And, if we're lucky we'll get a re-release of Chrono Trigger. Games I Own -

Sampler Disc Volume 9
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Resident Evil: Directors Cut
Crash Collection (bootleg)
Driver bootleg 1 (doesn't work)
Driver bootleg 2 (works sometimes)

Accessories I Own -

Golden Finger (external mod chip/game shark) from linux-psx.com
MadCatz Dual Force Controller
Sony Dual Shock Control